How to create a fire evacuation map?

According to statistics, fire kills more people than any other accident across the world. Fire is one of the most unthinkable and unforeseeable events or accidents that can take place. Often, people do not plan about it at all and do not have a clear strategy. In the event of a fire, one requires to evacuate the premises immediately to minimise danger. To do that, there is a requirement for a proper evacuation plan.

There are a few steps that one can follow to create a fire evacuation map. The steps can be listed as follows:

A plan for all

The ability to move and respond to a specific dangerous situation should be considered when creating an evacuation plan. Ensure that children and older adults are given enough time to understand the problem and respond to it. These people may not respond to fire alarms many times, so a person should be responsible for waking them up or alerting them. Also, all backup individuals should be given the responsibility in case the primary person is not available at that time.

Have a dual exit plan

Every room and corner of the house should have a dual exit path. For example, in a room, the window should be large enough for anybody to escape, and the door should have an emergency lock system installed to break open quickly and faster.

Train the children Beforehand.

If the children at home participate in constructing a deep evacuation plan, they can easily remember it and act accordingly in a situation of emergency. Also, children should be given the task of finding exit routes when creating the plan to recognise it and know the location of security measures like smoke detectors.

Fix a familiar meeting spot

An ordinary meeting spot should be fixed when creating an evacuation plan to ensure everybody knows where to go after leaving the house. This can be a tree in the front yard or the mailbox, or the neighbour’s lawn. It also makes sure that the first responders can contact the victims of the accident instantly. Also, decide to not go back into the house once that person has already left home.

Install smoke alarms

Installation and maintenance of these smoke detectors and alarms are essential in every house. This is to make sure that in any case of emergency, they work efficiently. It is recommended to install it in every bedroom inside and outside and on every house level.

Respond immediately

If the fire alarm goes off in any situation, then everybody should know how to respond and do it as soon as possible. To ensure this, all members should Practice and go through the plan regularly. Also, the evacuation plans should be known to everybody in the house.

Always have a Plan B

Even with a sound evacuation plan, there should also be a backup plan always to that. It is to ensure that in any case, all planned routes and exits are blocked there is a way to leave the house in time.


Make sure to create a drawing of the evacuation plan and keep it visible to all members in the house if an emergency occurs. Special provisions must be made for people with disabilities, old age or young age. The fire should not be taken lightly and dismissed as something that may never happen to an individual. This is why it is necessary to have an easy fire evacuation map accessible to all.

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