3rd September 2015
Stob Coir’an Albannaich and Meall nan Eun - Agnieszka and Magda going around bog

Stob Coir’an Albannaich and Meall nan Eun – four seasons in Glen Etive

Glen Etive is one of our favourite places in Scotland and we happily return there whenever we can. So when one weekend in July we saw a good weather forecast for the West Highlands (a very rare thing this past season, which only vaguely resembled summer), we quickly decided to revisit and to climb the two remaining Munros in Glen Etive, which we haven’t yet had a chance to bag. The 2-hour drive from Glasgow in the nice and sunny […]
29th August 2015
Salomon Quest 4D 2 GTX Walking Boots

Salomon Quest 4D 2 GTX Walking Boots – Review

After a couple of years of abuse and some serious trekking trips in tough conditions (including Armenia, Morocco, Romania and plenty of Scottish hills), my £40 (!) North Face walking boots have finally given up and needed to be replaced ASAP. So far I have only ever worn lightweight, mid-height boots, including the said North Faces and Brasher Supalites; they did an OK job on easy treks, but on tougher ground they didn’t give my feet and ankles enough support, […]
26th August 2015
Camping in Romania

Romania – final reflections and practical advice

It’s been over a month since we came back from our trip to Romania – it’s unbelievable how the time flies! So far we’ve published plenty of photos and told you a lot about Romanian mountains, food, interesting places and our adventures in this beautiful country; now that the memories start slowly fading, it’s time to finish our Romanian story and share the final reflections on our stay.
19th August 2015
Man in traditional dress carving wooden spoons in Sighisoara, Romania

Romania through the lens

During our trip to Romania we’ve taken over 2000 photographs in just 11 days! Some of them you might have already seen in our previous blog posts, but there’s still plenty remaining on memory cards. Here are some of our favourites – we hope you’ll enjoy looking at Romania through the lens of our camera.
11th August 2015
Camping Panorama - Rucar, Romania

Wandering Owls recommend: Romania

All travellers know the struggle of finding a good place to stay for a night, to have a nice meal or to see something special. From our own experience we know that websites such as Tripadvisor are only partially helpful and often leave us even more confused – how can one hotel or restaurant get as many good as bad reviews? During our trip through Romania we didn’t really have a plan, so the places to sleep or eat were […]
9th August 2015
Pastrav - Romanian food

Romania on a plate

People who know us also know that one of the reasons we love travelling is the opportunity to try new and exciting foods, discover new flavours and enjoy the relaxing moments over a plate of something delicious, ideally washed down with local beer. Our trip to Romania was no different – we tried a lot of different dishes, and here we talk about some of them.
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