12th December 2016

20 Christmas Gift Ideas for Outdoor Enthusiasts

With Christmas time quickly approaching, now is the last chance to choose gifts for your loved ones (or for yourself, as this is always a good excuse to buy yourself something new 😉 ). If you are still undecided and are looking for some Christmas gift inspiration, here is our hand-picked selection of 20 interesting gifts for outdoor enthusiasts with the best available prices. Prices and availability were correct at the time of writing this article.   £15 and below […]
2nd December 2016

Lost in the clouds – Santa Lucia Ecolodge and cloud forest reserve

After all the trekking and mountaineering adventures, we wanted the last stop of our Ecuadorian trip to be something (relatively) easy and relaxing. I also wanted to see a different kind of tropical forest – the misty and mysterious Andean cloud forest. Luckily one doesn’t have to travel far from Quito to get to the heart of the cloud forest; two hours by bus takes us from the dusty suburbs of Quito to the village of Nanegal, surrounded by lush, […]
23rd November 2016

Getting high on Chimborazo

If you thought that by climbing Mount Everest you get as close as possible to space without leaving the surface of the Earth, you may have to think again. Everest (8848m) may be the highest mountain in the world when measured from the sea level, but Chimborazo (the highest mountain in Ecuador at 6310m) is actually the furthest away from the centre of the Earth – all thanks to the fact that Earth bulges considerably at the equator. Being in […]
10th November 2016

Three days in the wilderness – the Vicuña Trail

The Vicuña Trail is one of the long distance treks beautifully described by Robert and Daisy Kunstaetter in their book “Trekking in Ecuador”. Described as “moderately difficult, 22km, 2- to 3-day trek” with elevation of 3500-4400m, it sounded like a good preparation for our Chimborazo climb, with the possibility of an acclimatisation climb up Carihuairazo (5018m), Chimborazo’s “little sister”. Planning the trek we used Kunstaetters’ book along with Rob Rachowiecki’s “Ecuador: Trekking and Climbing Guide”; both books are great as […]
2nd November 2016

The colourful markets of Otavalo

The town of Otavalo is located some 100km, or 1.5 hrs by bus, from Quito. Surrounded by mountains and often shrouded in mist and clouds, it would be just another sleepy small town if not for its world famous Saturday markets, one of the biggest and best in South America. For centuries the Otavaleños have been known as skilled weavers, producing beautiful and colourful textiles. This brought the town to its prosperity, and up to this day people form the […]
19th October 2016

Imbabura, i.e. how we conquered our first Andean peak

It’s a well known fact that wherever we go, we just have to find a mountain to climb. There is no shortage of mountains in Ecuador’s Sierra (central belt), so the choice is difficult, but we finally settle on Imbabura (4588m) as our first Andean peak. Imbabura is a long extinct volcano located near the city of Ibarra, in northern part of Ecuador. To get there we first have to take a taxi to Terminal Carcelen – one of Quito’s […]
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