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17th February 2017

16 things you always wanted to know about Iceland (but were afraid to ask)

Here are 16 interesting facts about Iceland that you always wanted to know (but were afraid to ask)…     1. Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions Iceland lies in the Mid-Atlantic ridge, forming a boundary between Eurasian and North American tectonic plates. For this reason it is very active geologically and volcanically. There are around 8000 earthquakes each year, and many volcanic eruptions. Luckily, most of them are minor and many don’t even get reported in the media.   2. Hot […]
18th December 2016

Travelling in Ecuador – a handful of information and practical advice

Language A little Spanish goes a long way in Ecuador. Even in bigger cities very few people speak English, and in the countryside it is virtually impossible to find someone speaking language other than Spanish and/or Kichwa. It is worth to learn basic Spanish vocabulary and grammar before travelling to Ecuador, and since it’s one of the easier languages to learn (and Latin American accent makes it very easy to understand), there really is no excuse. Your travel will be […]
26th November 2015

Hillwalking in Scotland – where to find information?

Scottish mountains are relatively low – the highest peak, Ben Nevis, stands 1344 meters above the sea level, which makes it a mere dwarf when compared to the highest peaks of Alps, Carpathians or other European mountain ranges. However, owing to their rugged nature, severe and often unpredictable weather with frequent rain and strong winds, paths starting at (or almost at) the sea level and often very remote location (particularly in West and Northwest Highlands), they are more difficult than […]
26th August 2015
Camping in Romania

Romania – final reflections and practical advice

It’s been over a month since we came back from our trip to Romania – it’s unbelievable how the time flies! So far we’ve published plenty of photos and told you a lot about Romanian mountains, food, interesting places and our adventures in this beautiful country; now that the memories start slowly fading, it’s time to finish our Romanian story and share the final reflections on our stay.
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